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14 May 1990
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Decided to upload onto yet another social networking site just for the hell of it. I'm looking forward to interacting with a lot of different people here.

About me?
Well, to start off, video games = air.
Literally. I start to stress out when I don't get in a little bit of video game related material everyday. Addict? Perhaps~ But horrible video games cause me to suffocate and die which can only be cured with a great video game. Kinda like drinking something horrible and needing water or something better to wash down the taste. My video game taste range from fighters, to beat'm'ups, to adventures, to RPGs, to survival/adventure horrors. Hell, I'll even pick up a kiddy game if it's good enough. My current obsessions revolve around the Assassin's Creed series and LittleBigPlanet.

God I love those damnably cute sack people...

good art = sugar
As with sugar, a lot of it makes me crazy, and it I don't have enough of it, I start to feel dizzy and get cravings (cause we all need a little sugar in our diets blah blah blah). In keeping with this equation:

extremely good art = reese pieces
If I stumble upon a great artist whom drawings original and/or fanart I'm likely to critique and watch over this artist. I want nothing more than to give whatever ideas I can to artists that truly show potential as well as those that are just starting. Even artists that think they are too good to be critique because they've done millions of commissions and the like can never be critiqued enough.

In retrospect, I dislike snobbish artist who have grudges against a specific demographic that views their work and take that out on the whole population. I REALLY dislike that. I also dislike it when my critique is dismissed just because I do not draw myself. I believe that's highly disrespectful; just because someone can not draw as well as you can doesn't mean that they aren't able to point out flaws that someone else that's 'credited' couldn't spot. All artists should take any and all critique, even if it's from someone like me who really can't draw all that well. One'll be surprised of what they might learn from a 'noob'.

I'm an amateur metal worker. Jewelry, etc, whatever you'd wish to call that. I'm just learning how to make rings as well as necklaces so it'll become a little hobby of mine as I go on through life. Maybe I'll open a little commissions~

Aaaaand that's about it!

Oh, did I mention that I like yaoi in all its ways shapes and forms?
Just thought I might add that on there. Ya know, for reference perposes.